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Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
26 April 2012 @ 03:00 pm
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Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
The sky was still turning pink and gold when Sholeh left the hotel room she and Evan had shared last night. It had been difficult to say goodbye there, but she hadn't wanted him to accompany them to the bridge that connected to Tryadnea. She didn't want to watch him vanish behind her along with the one place she'd ever felt she truly belonged. Moreover, she wasn't sure if she'd have the strength to say "No" if he asked the question that was in both of their hearts. She doubted that he would be selfish enough to ask, but she was selfish enough to want him to.

Granted, Zhahar and Zeela would probably have stepped in if Sholeh could not give the right answer, but she didn't want the last few minutes on the island to be spent wrangling with one another. It was hard enough to go home and face whatever waited for them there. They needed to be united for that, just them against the whole world, as it always would be.

Now they stood in front of the bridge that would take them home. It wasn't much of a bridge, just a few stones that stood above a runnel of water likely caused from all the rain from this past week. If it hadn't been for the insistent tug in their chest leading right to it, Sholeh and her sisters might never have even considered it. They could see the other side quite clearly--could almost hop to it, even in Sholeh's heavy dresses. But as soon as she put her foot onto the first stone, the landscape across from them shifted.

Instead of Fandom's lush greenery, there was a field of yellowing grass, bisected by a cart track. They all recognized it instantly. It was a road that lead to their mothers' village. One step, two, and they were on the last stone before their homeland.

=Home,= Zeela said, though she sounded uncertain.

*The connection is weakening,* Zhahar said, and she sounded certain. *Now or never, little sister.*

Sholeh squared her shoulders, refusing to take one last look, and stepped off the last rock into the field. There was no shift in time or space, no feeling of instant loss, but when she glanced behind her, there was no sign that Fandom had ever existed. The field of dying grass extended beyond what she could see in all directions, with only the cart track to show that there was more to Tryadnea than just this.

For a moment, she felt lost and adrift, alone, not truly of one world or another. But then the protective and comforting feeling of her sisters pressed closer and she remembered that no matter what happened, she would never, ever, truly be alone. They were Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar, the a Zhahar Tryad. She couldn't ever be far from home because she always carried the most important things with her.

"Let's go home," she said quietly.

[And that's the last post in Fandom for 3girls_1core, at least for awhile. But the sisters will be staying on as ex-pats, though they'll be incommunicado for a bit. Thanks to everyone who made having them so much fun!]
Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
02 May 2014 @ 04:21 pm
For their last night in Fandom, Sholeh had asked Mr. Constantine if she could host a small dinner party in the library. It only seemed fitting; it was her favorite place in the whole school, after all, and these were her favorite people. Okay, Dr. Lecter was more Zhari's guest, but that was fair. After all, they were all leaving.

Zhahar had spent all day cooking, sneaking into the unused cooking classroom so that she could work uninterrupted. And she'd gone all out, spending almost all of their money on food (it wasn't like they'd be able to use it in Tryadnea), preparing a whirlwind of dishes with no rhyme or reason beyond she thought they'd be delicious.

Sholeh and Zeela had been quiet while Zhari worked, letting her pour her complicated emotions into making a dinner that their friends would never forget. They were all coping in different ways, and this was hers. Of the three of them, it was the only method that actually had a positive benefit, as opposed to Sholeh's clinging or hiding and Zee's abuse of the training dummies in the salle.

Tonight when their guests arrived, they'd find a few of the library's tables pushed together with an impressive array of food set out. They'd be eating off of paper and plastic, but hopefully the food would be enough to make up for that. And there was a lot of it. Zhari'd wanted a lot of leftovers, so people would keep thinking of them for the next few meals. For appetizers, there were puff pastries stuffed with avacado, cream cheese, and salsa; slices of bacon and veggie quiche; a feta, honey, and date spread to be eaten over pita bread; and crispy goat cheese risotto cakes. For the main dishes, there was a choice of vegetarian (borscht), chicken (a chicken and mushroom lasagna), fish (grilled salmon in blackberry sauce), and beef (mustard-crusted tenderloin with sauce Robert, which Zhari'd never heard of before, but had sounded fun). Of course, no one had to choose one main dish; everyone was welcome to choose as many as they liked, so long as they also enjoyed some of the sides. Perhaps they'd like a nice salad for something a little lighter? Or something a bit more filling, like mushroom risotto. Then there was a bit of spice to be found in the roasted red pepper creamed corn, or they could have a more savory garlic butter pasta with shallots, spinach, and goat cheese. Oh, and rolls, of course, because what was a dinner without rolls?

There were only three desserts prepared, but Zhahar was hoping no one would mind. The cranberry oatmeal cookies with white chocolate filling had just sounded too good to pass up, but the other two desserts had meaning. There were nanaimo bars for Sparkle, as a final offer to mend the fences broken between them and s'mores brownies, in honor of the summers they'd spent in Fandom.

Now hopefully they could get through the meal without crying. That would be the true test of dinner.

[Posted in the library with permission and for those who know who they are, thanks! No OCD, just messy, messy threads!]
Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
19 March 2014 @ 04:28 pm
"Hello?" Sholeh called, knocking on the door to Evan's hotel room. Well, she was pretty sure it was his room. She'd double-checked the room number against the number he'd given her three times (was it still only double-checking at that point?), but she was going to remain just the tiniest bit anxious until he opened the door. It felt very weird to be looking for her boyfriend's hotel room and she wasn't sure she could face a stranger who would assume that she was here for...

Yeah. That would be bad. Or, at least, humiliating.

She wasn't there for that. She was just...it had been very nice to cuddle with Evan all through break. And now, coming back to the island where people didn't stay the same from one day to the next (Dr. Lecter? Cecil? Sparkle had parents?), a little bit of comfort cuddling went a long way.

=Though, just saying, since you're here already...=

::Triple stars, Zeela!:: Sholeh wailed. ::Why would you even say that?::

=Because we're seventeen and I know what you think when Evan's shirt is off.=

When Evan opened his door, he would find a very bright red Sholeh, shoving a heavily-decorated cake at him and looking like she was about to bolt.

[For one, please!]
Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
22 January 2014 @ 03:53 pm
Sholeh breezed into the library in a much better frame of mind that she had last weekend, carrying a richly frosted cake. After the alarm (which hadn't wakened Sholeh up,) Zhari'd had trouble falling back to sleep and had decided to make a cake to celebrate the day's event: their seventeenth birthday!

Cake, a birthday, and books. What better way to celebrate?
Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
24 December 2013 @ 05:53 pm
Zeela had been lurking in the third floor common room until she heard Evan and Ozzy making their way down the hall towards the stairs. There was some good aspects of her sister's boyfriend being a complete and utter nerd and his punctuality was one of them. She waited an extra minute or so once she heard him leave, just in case he'd forgotten anything, and then made her way to his room.

A few minutes, curses, and bouts of jiggery-pokery later, and Evan's door was open. "There you go, Sholeh," she said, rolling her eyes, though mostly for effect. "One room, ready for the decorating."

Once the sisters were in the room and the door was closed again, Sholeh came into view and went to frenzied work. She'd spent the last week researching Christmas traditions and was now determined to bring them to life in Evan's room. The tiny tree she'd bought and decorated with ribbons and paper ornaments went in front of the cardboard fireplace that was propped in front of his desk. There were two stockings thumbtacked to top of it and Evan's tablet was propped on a mound of pillows and set to fauxfire.com.

Colored lights were hastily strung around his room, with several electric candles set to 'flicker' on any available surface and surrounded by bunches of holly and ivy. The flower store in town was having a sale, so she'd gotten a good price for all of them. Zeela had made her buy a bunch of mistletoe to hang, as her price for helping with this whole endeavor. The last decoration was a home-made wreath hung on the inside of his door.

Now all that was left was to wait for Evan to return and see his face.

[Room modded with permission!]
Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
15 September 2013 @ 07:11 pm
Sholeh snuck a quick glance into her room. Okay, no roommate in sight. Breathing a quick sigh of relief, she slipped inside, shutting the door behind her. Technically, she knew it was stupid all this skulking about when all the other girls were boys, too, but it didn't matter. The a Zhahar Tryad was NOT PLEASED about this current turn of events.

Yesterday morning, Zeela had escaped out of the room before dawn, escaping into the preserve to hide out until all their proper bits were back in their proper places. The problem? She hadn't brought anywhere enough food. Which meant they were sneaking back now for something to eat before they could run off and hide again.

They could totally pull this off. Get in, grab food, and get out. No chance to get caught and seen, so long as their luck held out.

[Open room, roomie's absence modded with permission!]
Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
12 July 2013 @ 06:35 pm
Sholeh had stayed up all night reading. Zeela had the body today, so Sholeh hadn't thought anything of reading until the sun came up. She could always nap later, while Zeela had classes or whatnot. Even once the book was done, she'd sat in the corner of her bed, a slight smile on her face, day-dreaming about the story she'd just finished.

=I don't understand you at all,= Zeela sleepily complained. =If you want to do stuff, just go out and do it. Why spend all your time reading and daydreaming about it.=

Sholeh opened her mouth to explain, but the tune that began was rather unexpectedCollapse )

A facepalm which turned into into a wrist pressed against her forehead. "I am lost in the jungle all alone and unarmed when I meet a lioness in her lair--then I'm glad to be back in my own little corner! All alone...in my own...little chaaaaaaaair."

Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
16 June 2013 @ 09:38 pm
They'd started talking during brunch and then kind of...didn't stop. It was more than just twenty years of history to catch up on; they'd always been able to just fall into a conversation and keep it going. For two fairly quiet people, they'd never suffered for topics to talk about.

Brunch had turned into dinner, right at the hotel because it had been closer than most of the other restaurants (and after the radio report about the creepy guy at Luke's, they'd agreed to skip it). Then, since they were already there, Evan decided to rent the girls a hotel room for the night. Unlike him, he argued, they weren't shapeshifters and therefore couldn't just make themselves comfortable wherever they ended up. Sholeh had tried to argue, but Zeela had played the, "I am still kind of recovering from a stab wound" card and Sholeh had gotten overruled.

Dessert was promised via room service, because it made no sense to order a room and not get some (thank you, Zhahar, for that logic) and Sholeh tried not to be nervous about inviting Evan into what would essentially be her bedroom for the night. They had spent a lot of time in and out of one another's dorm rooms over the years of high school having conversations just like these. There was nothing to be nervous about, right?

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