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One Who Is Three. Three Who Are One.

By the Mother's Third Eye

Sholeh Zeela a Zahar
22 January
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Name: Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar
Fandom: Landscapes of Ephemera
Big Sib: Simon Bellamy, forhisfriends
Little Sibs: Isaac Lahey graveyard_wolf
Voicemail: 555-TRPL
Class: Junior
Age: 16
Living Arrangements: Room 216 with Butters Stotch, geewhizfellas Prince Greening Grandemalion rings_of_grace Cecil Baldwin voiceoverdue
Mun Email: booksomewench@gmail.com

Class Schedule: Spring 2014
Mon. Per 2: It's All Fun and Games, Jack Nought (Sholeh)
Tue. Per 1: The Occult, Mahoney (Sholeh)
Per 4: Armed and Dangerous, James Bond (Zeela)
Wed. All Day: Library shift (Sholeh)
Per 3: Friendship is Baking, Derek Hale and Pinkie Pie, (Zhahar)
Fri. Per 1: The Modern Workplace and You, Pam Poovey and Cheryl Tunt (Zeela)
Per 4: Flavors, Food Choices, and Menu Planning, Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Zhahar)

Class Schedule: Fall 2013
Tues. Per 1: Beginning Gourmet Cooking Techniques, Hannibal Lecter (Zhahar--TA)
Per 3: Hand-to-Hand Combat and Self-Defense, Hercules Hansen (Zeela)
Weds. All Day: Library Shift (Sholeh)
Per 3: Breaking Things, Electroclash (Zeela)
Thur. Per 3: Literature 101, Jessica Day (Sholeh)
Per 4: Live Cultural Appreciation, Jonothon Starsmore (Zhahar)
Fri. Per 2: Cultural Exploration, Clint Barton (Sholeh)

Class Schedule: Summer 2013 Session 2
Tue. Per 4: Deserted Island Survival 101, Petra West (Zhahar)
Wed: Per 2: This Thing You Humans Call Love, James Bond (Sholeh)
Per 3: The Philosophy of Food, Hannibal Lecter (Zhahar)
Library, all day (Sholeh)
Thu: Per 3: Conflict Management for Dummies, Oz (Zeela)
Fri: Per 2: Detecting 101, Jack Priest, (Zeela)
Per 4: Monsters and Humans, Dracula, (Sholeh, auditing)

Class Schedule: Summer 2013 Session 1
Mon. Per 1: Practical Philosophy, Ender Wiggin (Sholeh)
Per 2: Summer Fitness, Steve Rogers (Zeela)
Per 4: Cultural Appreciation, Thor (Sholeh)
Tue. Per 2: First Aid & Basic Medicine, Bruce Banner (Sholeh)
Per 4: Hitting Things, Jaina Solo (Zeela)
Weds. Library, all day
Thu. Per 1: Developing Your Personal Style, Petra West (Zhahar)
Fri. Per 3: Archery 101, Clint Barton (Zeela)
Per 4: Parlour Games, Jack Priest (Zhahar)

Class Schedule: Spring 2013
Tues. Per 3: There Will Be Cake--doubleohblonde
Weds. Per 1: Supernatural Studies--bitten_notshy
Thurs.Per 1: Pop Culture--thefearwasreal
Fri. Per 1: Fandom Invasions--apocalipped
Fri. Per 2: Sex Ed--screwyoumarvel and toteshammered
Fri. Per 3: Improving Your Skills--so_hawkward

Class Schedule: Fall 2012
Tues. Per 1: Ethics--sith_happened
Weds. Per 4: Hiding in Plain Sight--doubleohblonde
Thur. Per 3: Wild Roving--hotceltogoth
Fri. Per 2: Living on the Outskirts--apocolipped

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